Open rank faculty position on Systems Biology

The African Genome Center (AGC), a research-focused entity, operates through four key research axes: Biodiversity Genomics, OMICS and Metabolic Engineering, Genome Editing, and Natural Product Chemistry and Metabolomics. Hosting an advanced genomics platform, it aims to serve as a central hub for genome biology research and training in Morocco and Africa.

The AGC Team is an international and multicultural scientific community. Its primary mission is to democratize genomics research on the African continent. This involves conducting both basic and applied scientific research in areas such as agriculture, conservation, environment, food security, and health. Additionally, the center is committed to contributing to technological transfers and training highly qualified personnel.

The African Genome Center seeks to appoint an Open Rank faculty member specialized in Systems Biology, with a specific emphasis on the systematic exploration and understanding of complex biological systems. This approach involves the integration of experimental and computational methodologies, addressing aspects such as the investigation of microbial pathogenesis, molecular epidemiology. Additionally, through the utilization of techniques such as OMICS, which generate vast amounts of data on biological systems, computational methods, including mathematical modeling and simulation, are also employed to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of these extensive datasets.

Applicants for this position should demonstrate expertise in employing a holistic approach to unveil the underlying principles governing the behavior of biological systems and to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of biological processes, disease mechanisms, and potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

This role will be pivotal in an interdisciplinary environment, providing the candidate with opportunities to collaborate with researchers in diverse areas, including genome editing, natural product chemistry, microbial engineering, agricultural and environmental biotechnology, as well as synthetic biology  and computational genomics, among others.

Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities encompass:

  • Supervising graduate students and postdocs in systems biology to develop integrated experimental-computational research.
  • Developing collaborative research initiatives including approaches for the analysis and integration of large data sets working in collaboration genome editing, synthetic biology, Biodiversity and computational genomics
  • Contributing to institutional research, academic programs, and actively participating in related activities.


  • Ph.D. in systems biology, molecular biology and genomics, or related fields.
  • Postdoctoral experience is highly preferred.
  • Demonstrated expertise in systems biology evidenced by publications and research projects.
  • Strong communication skills suitable for diverse audiences.
  • Demonstrated commitment to both research and training.

For more information, visit the AGC website: or email: Pr. Mohamed Hijri.

To apply:

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Flexible
Location: Morocco