The ISME19 (Local) Organizing Committee intends to host several workshops before ISME19.

This format provides an excellent opportunity for in-depth discussions and training. We especially invite Workshops focused on “cutting-edge” methods used in microbial ecology. Depending on the topic, the LOC will help the organizers arrange suitable venues in Cape Town.  

The Workshops may take place in the week before (12 – 18 August 2024) or after (25 – 29 August 2024) the symposium.

Guidelines for Workshops
The LOC and Exec will consider Workshop proposals that require at least 3 Days.

The proposers will be responsible for assembling organizers with expertise on the subject covered during the workshop. The LOC will favorably consider submissions with a focus on training graduate students (MSc./Ph.D.). The organizers should clearly describe the format of the proposed Workshop, including the facilities required (i.e., computer laboratory etc.).


  • Title: Provide the title of your Workshop as it would appear in the ISME19 program.
  • Proposer(s): Provide the name(s) and full contact details (full mailing address, email address) of the Proposers.  All Workshop Proposers should be fully in communication, and all participate in the planning, execution, and post-meeting reporting.
  • Description: Supply a brief description of the aim and topic of the Workshop (max 250 words).
  • Relevance: Give a statement of the relevance and complementarity of the Workshop to the ISME community and the ISME19 scientific program. 
  • The Workshop: List the agreed upon Teachers, topics, and timeline for the Workshop.
  • Requirements: List all requirements and materials you would need to organize this Workshop (e.g. computer laboratory, …. )
  • Budget: To accommodate your Workshop, we need to have a detailed budget on your expected expenses.


  1. The ISME19 Symposium has limited funds to accommodate Workshops, so the budget needs to be as accurate as possible.
  2. The Proposer(s) must provide evidence that all of the suggested Teachers have in principle agreed to participate in the Workshop.
  3. Venues and funds for the Workshops are limited so not all Proposals will be successful.

Proposals for Workshops should be submitted to ISME19 Organizing Committee by e-mail via

The final deadline for submitting a proposal to organize a workshop is 14 August 2023.